Know Your Product: One of the most commonly used metals Steel-Pipes-Tubes

Know your product: One of the most commonly used metals - Steel Pipes & Tubes

Steel remains the number one choice for scientists and engineers. They are committed to taking its properties a notch up. Thus, helping offer a wide range that meets the demands of industries. To fulfil such requests, quality steel-pipes-tubes, and other by-products are now available in the market from A-One Steel Group.

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What makes A-One Steel Group Pipes & Tubes The Quality Steel-Pipes-Tubes

At A-One Steel Group units, erw pipe is class-apart. ERW pipes and tubes manufactured using high quality steel that is low in carbon, fully fine-grained & control-rolled are available here. They are accessible in a wide range of pipes, tubes and rods for consumers. Each of them can be found in different grades too. It implies that every product has a different wall thickness and diameter. Grades of pipes and tubes available at A-One Steel Group are IS 4923 & IS 1161, and sizes like 15NB to 80NB, 20*20 to 72*72, 40*20 to 96*48 are conveniently obtainable.

Features like high strength corrosion resistance, high malleability, yield strength, and high performance make pipes and tubes everyone’s first choice. And the product catalog here displays the array of mechanical properties, pipe fittings, hot rolled steel in nominal size, and others.

A-One Steel Group is the Quality manufacturer of pipes and tubes in South India. Not just this, it is also a trusted distributor and supplier of pipes and tubes in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, and Tamil Nadu.

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Applications of Quality Steel-Pipes-Tubes

While there are many structural applications, some need special mentions. For example, in the agriculture industry, they are used in making drip irrigation systems – for fertilizing, spraying pesticides, casing for borewell & grain transfer. In the construction and infrastructure industry, carbon steel pipes & tubes find use in halls, sheds, temporary bridges, roads, stadiums, spectator stands, and podiums. Under oil sectors, carbon steel pipe finds its usage in transporting oil, gasoline, and propane.

Customer satisfaction is a priority!

Basis outside diameter, inside diameter, hollow section, and wall thickness, numerous erw pipes & tubes are available in the market. And, the steel industry is advancing faster than anticipated. It is further helping in boosting the economy of the nation. Additionally, carbon steel pipe is any day better than stainless steel pipe or metal pipe.

Last but not the least

This seamless steel pipe, made from high quality raw material, speaks for itself. The manufacturing process of pipe fittings and tubing involves rigorous research. Engineers at A-One Steel Group examine every minute detail and manufacture the product as per the highest quality standards. Machinery like the heat exchanger works at the optimum level during the entire manufacturing process. Adhering to high quality standards is the sole reason that keeps us ahead of our time. It has also helped us become the quality manufacturer of pipes and tubes.