Corporate Profile

This is our story
Steel is everywhere. It is reusable and recyclable. Thus, when taken care of, it lasts till eternity. Now, when we're witnessing disruption in every sector such as automotive, energy, equipment, health, space, infrastructure, automatization, etc., we need a product that meets the requirement of every industry and plays a vital role in elevating the economy of the country. So, our founders, Mr. Krishan Kumar Jalan, Mr. Jullian Jalan & Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jalan, established A-One Steel Group in 2009.

We have the vision of offering superior quality steel to encourage future innovations and touch the lives of the millions and beyond from our nation to the world.

Initially, Mild Steel Ingots were the only product to be manufactured in our plant. Later, in 2012, we started producing MS Billets and TMT Bars. In 2017, as a part of our backward integration, we took over an integrated steel plant at Bellary that now manufactures steel from iron ore and has a power plant of 22 MW.

With an approximate capacity of 1.5 million tonnes, we are the largest manufacturer of all kinds of steel products in South India, along with a generation of green energy – Wind and Solar Power Generation. We are growing beyond borders as we are now present in more than 15 countries of the world.

A-One Gold Steel has a strong social orientation, adopting the moral responsibility of giving it back to society with our initiatives in the health and education of the local communities around its business locations and beyond that.

Key Highlights:​

The global marketplace has opened new avenues for A-One Steel Group. Having a Pan-India presence, we have also expanded our footprints in the UAE, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Manila, Mombasa, and South Africa. Our corporate office is situated in Bangalore, India and Singapore. A-One Gold Steel, a widely renowned name, is a product of A-One Steel Group. The group is also enhancing its portfolio with additional bulk commodities. We plan to invest in mines and beneficiation and pelletizing plants.