All about Hot Rolled Steel in a nutshell

Hot rolled Steel

According to the World Steel Association, over 3,500 different steel grades are available globally. And the chemical composition of such a wide range of products helps increase the versatility of steel. Thus, steel finds applications in automobiles, home appliances, wind turbines, and more!

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What makes steel so versatile?

The answer is Optimization! And to achieve that, both chemical composition and manufacturing process contributes to changing steel’s properties. Recrystallization temperature, rolling process, tight tolerances, mill scale, cold reduction mills, raw material, structural component, and more – all these together lead to a finished product.

What makes Hot Rolled Steel so different?

Hot Rolled Steel is a type of steel pressed at a very high temperature of over 1,700˚F. This temperature is higher than the recrystallization temperature of most steels. The whole process leads to the formation of hot rolled steel that is convenient to use. As the steel shrinks when it cools down at room temperature, this property makes hot rolled steel less suitable to use where high precision is required. This unique characteristic reduces the control over the final shape of the product. Hence, different kinds of hot rolled products are available in the market, for example, hot rolled bar, hot rolled coil, hot rolled steel sheet, and more. Other distinguishing characteristics of hot rolled steel include scaled surface, slightly rounded edges, and slight distortions.

Hot rolled steel and its applications

Moreover, due to this one-of-a-kind property, it finds its usage in various industries. From Construction & Infrastructure industry to the Automotive and Transport industry, it finds its application in the hotel lobby, airport, office, truck frames, harvesters, tractors, gas cylinders, water heaters, shipbuilding, rail car components, tracks, guard rails, and more.

What makes hot rolled steel a better option to choose for engineers and architects?

Well, there are a lot of advantages which support this statement. Firstly, hot rolled requires much less processing than cold rolled steel. Thus, making it a lot cheaper and faster option to settle on. And, as it is left to cool at room temperature, hot rolled is free from internal stresses that enhance its strength and mechanical property. Also, surface finish is not a concern as it can always be rectified by grinding and other processes. Additionally, unlike the cold rolling process, the hot rolling process enhances the material. Thus, producing a wide range of products like a hot rolled bar, hot rolled coil, hot rolled sheet, and more.

And some final words!

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