Impact of Structural Steel in Construction Industry

Impact of Structural Steel in Construction Industry

What exactly is structural steel? Is it a steel product? Is it a type of steel grade or a steel frame? Or when asked in simple terms, is it a structural component of steel?

Structural Steel is nothing but a category of steel that is used for making a wide range of construction materials in different shapes.

But what makes structural steel different from fabricated steel? The composition and shape of a product are where all the difference lies.

Structural steel is carbon steel. It has a carbon content of 2.1% by weight. Carbon steel has both iron and carbon and increasing carbon in steel results in high strength and low ductility. As structural steel is made to use in the construction industry, it is available in various forms like I-beam, Z-shape, Angle, Tee, Bar, and Rod.

Now, why should you choose structural steel over other construction building materials? The reasons are numerous. From skyscrapers and airplane hangars to automobiles and mills, it has diverse building applications. Due to steel fabricators, it has become convenient to explore its design capabilities. And with the help of ever-changing technology, the whole process of building unimaginable projects has gotten easier.

Additionally, due to magnificent properties like high durability, high life expectancy, resistance to fire, earthquake, high tensile strength, and a lot more, costs get remarkably reduced. Thus, saving time and effort as well. Also, since steel is an eco-friendly material, it helps in reducing the carbon footprint on the globe. Other unparalleled properties include ease of assembly and adaptability.

As stated above, structural steel fabrication means cutting, bending, and assembling steel to produce different products.

The question that arises now is why fabricate structural steel? Fabrication adds more value to the range of products. The raw material used in the making of steel and then undergoing the process of structural steel fabrication results in stronger and cheaper products. It also reduces the amount of work needed to be done on the construction site and expedites the whole construction process. As it is low maintenance, it gets easily repaired, if needed, and lasts a lifetime. Other than these, it’s environmentally friendly, has high tensile strength, yield strength, provides better structural shape and steel frame, and many more.

Also, sometimes, it so happens that several pieces are combined to manufacture various structures which are then used for making industrial equipment, tools, and other construction building material. While welding and fabrication are two different things, welding makes the steel stronger. Because of both these functions, steel can perform so well under high pressure. These processes provide foundations to buildings and help in easy modification of the same. Owing to these steel components, complex architectural designs can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural calamities. Cost-effectiveness is an added feather here.

As might be expected, such detailing in structural steel has reformed the construction industry. A trend of great precision has swept the whole sector. From residential compounds to factories and shipbuilding, the key aspect of detailing keeps the experts like engineers, contractors, and architects connected. Each kind of structural steel such as beam, flange, bolts, steel columns, steel joists, etc. requires a specific type of welding, material specifications, and other minute details. These details specify how structural steel fabricators make each piece and contribute to steel components which lead to creating magnanimous buildings, bridges, airports, and more.

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