Ferro Silicon

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Mechanical Properties

High abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high specific gravity, and magnetism allow easy magnetic recovery. In addition, ferrosilicon’s melting temperature and density are determined by its silicon concentration, which is inexpensive.


Aone Ferro silicon is a brittle, crystalline alloy that is composed of iron and silicon. It is commonly used as a deoxidizer and alloying element in steel production and has a relatively high melting point.

Dimensional Tolerance

They often have a limited dimensional tolerance and are vulnerable to minor fluctuations in size and shape due to the manufacturing process. However, it is not a material that requires extremely close dimensional tolerances to be usable.

Seismic Resistance

 It is not designed to be used in seismic resistant structures.

Corrosion Resistant

 Ferro silicon has poor corrosion resistance and is not typically used in corrosion-resistant applications.

Where do you need it?

Construction & Infrastructure Industry