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Mechanical Properties

Aone Hard coke is a metallurgical coke used to manufacture iron and steel. Its mechanical qualities include high compressive strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, thermal shock resistance, and deformation resistance.


It is a brittle and inflexible material; it is not bendable due to its high compressive strength and low deformation resistance.

Dimensional Tolerance

A-One Gold TMT Bar is supplied with sectioned weight lower than the nominal value and is guaranteed for not more than 1% heavy. This ensures higher meterage per unit weight as compared to ordinary rebars.

Dimensional Tolerance

Because of the manufacturing process, hard coke has a limited dimensional tolerance and may vary in size and shape, although it normally adheres to industry requirements.

Corrosion Resistant

Because of its high carbon concentration and minimal ash and sulfur impurities, hard coke is extremely corrosion resistant.

Where do you need it?

Construction & Infrastructure Industry