A pathway to sustainable growth

As one of the leading producers of Steel in South India, we must meet the steel demand responsibly and simultaneously achieve our goals sustainably.
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Growth

We are committed to conducting our business with high ethical standards and working in synergy with our employees, consumers, suppliers and the community. We optimize the eco-efficiency of our products by increasing resource and energy efficiency in the production of steel. Our focus remains on preserving the environment and aligning our initiatives around our strategy, which is:

While we may have multiple priorities, but we work on all of them. And it includes our impact on the community, internal organisational practices, and our relationship with all our stakeholders. All our goals are designed with measurable influence. And while framing them, we dissected them as short-term goals which involve our initiatives like water management, setting up power plants, access to clean water and proper sanitation and more. Our long-term goals include going carbon neutral while expanding our global footprint.

Moreover, our authentic and sincere actions are aligned with our vision, values and community. Expanding healthcare and education access to our surrounding community is our way to encourage them to lead better lives. By focusing on our nearby community, we achieve the legitimate effect of our CSR approach.   

A-One Steel Group will never capitalize on rampant trends. We always put our community, employees, environment, customer, and nation first. Our strategy is to remain authentic and align all our initiatives with our business practices and goals. That’s why we are going to drive a positive change for a better tomorrow!