Impact Of COVID-19 On Manufacturing Industries


As India also implements work from home during this global pandemic (Covid 19), its execution looks difficult in manufacturing firms. Impact of covid on manufacturing industries has been worse. While IT companies hold experience in remote working practices, the other industries not so much. However, the majority of the sectors in India are not open to the idea of working from home. 

Challenges and approach

However, according to Anjali Raghuvanshi, Chief People Officer, Randstad India, advanced security measures will look into to maintain data security and confidentiality. As per various sources of information, traditional physical gate-keeping methods will be replaced by virtual gate-keeping.

Several Indian industry captains have taken to social media to talk about the crisis. The situation has made the world hit the reset button once again as it lets several other changes venture in. Most industries have adopted the accelerating trend of the work from home model to bring in more substantial digital changes. However, the manufacturing sector in India finds it hard to adopt work from home approach. 

Work from Home Model

Various companies are taking the work from the home model as a preventive measure towards the coronavirus pandemic. Still, the global manufacturing industry finds it very difficult as it requires human touch for specific jobs. It is a lousy time for the people working in the advanced manufacturing industry as their life has come to a halt even when the other sectors, such as IT, are functional.

Impact of Covid on manufacturing sector

The global covid 19 outbreak posed numerous global challenges for the supply chain sector. With the rising covid 19 cases, the threat to supply chain disruption increases. There was a time when the service sectors faced supply shortages, factory shutdown, workforce reduction, production disruption, etc. 

Due to supply chain disruption, the economies of countries like South Korea, the United Kingdom, United States of America were also impacted. There was a shortage of raw materials in various sectors. The manufacturing firms were in shambles.

In short

None of the sectors were prone to the pandemic. Not one industry was prepared for it. Each industry faced disruption.