How does A-One Steel Group Maintain High Quality of its Steel Products?

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A-One Steel Group, one of the premier manufacturing firms in the country, has been able to leave its mark on the industry through its extensive offering of top-notch and high-quality steel products across different regions in South India.As the company’s tagline ‘Rashtra Nirman Mein Samarpit’ suggests, the team at A-One Steel Group is committed to addressing its customers’ business needs with maximum reliability and delivering high-quality products and service. Speaking of quality, the firm adheres to improved standards, thereby keeping its promises. A-One Steel Group particularly specializes in the manufacturing of TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) steel bars, MS (Mild Steel) billets, MS Structural Steel, and industrial pipes.

A-One Gold TMT bars undergo an inclusive metallurgic process that amalgamates heat treatment and cold working into a single formula. At the outset, the MS billets are heated up to an approximate temperature of 1100º C in a reheat furnace. Next, they are rolled little by little till they contract to the ultimate shape and size of the reinforcing bar. After the last rolling stand, the billet receives a brief yet thorough cooling as it passes through a specially crafted quench box. The quenching then transforms the billet’s surface layer to martensite and induces it to shrivel. This reduction in size pressurizes the core, thereby leading to the formation of proper crystal structures. In the process, the core remains hot and austenitic. At the same time, a microprocessor regulates the water flow to the quench box to manage the temperature variations by means of the cross-section of the bars. The right temperature difference ensures that all processes are in line, and the bars have the required mechanical properties.

The contracted bar moves out of the quench box with a temperature gradient through its cross-section. As the bar gradually reaches a cooling point, heat travels from the bar’s center to its surface in a way that the bar’s heat and pressure accurately temper an intermediate ring of martensite and bainite.

Eventually, the gradual cooling after quenching instantly tempers the austenitic core to pearlite and ferrite on the cooling bed. This procedure identifies with the TEMPCORE technology which provides the bar with a robust outer layer of tempered martensitic steel with a lighter inner core of ferrite-pearlite. The subsequent outcome is a bar that is both strong and flexible. A-One Steel TMT bars are processed to bond easily with dense cement mixtures while maintaining great power as well as remaining convenient to weld and bend.

More importantly, A-One Steel TMT bars are rolled via a fully automated rolling mill that incorporates pre-stressed strands. These strands further assure that a bar is uniformly round and heavy throughout its length. In addition, well-defined longitudinal and predisposed traverse ribs ensure that the bar has a firmer hold on concrete.

Another significant ingredient that goes into the manufacturing of A-One Steel’s billets is sponge iron that is produced in the company’s own factories. As the sponge iron is heated in a carefully adjusted furnace, it is capable of maintaining a homogeneous composition. Before converting them to billets, the molten metal is examined to see if it contains all the necessary properties. The manufactured billet is yet again tested to verify the right chemical proportions. Finally, only those billets that conform to A-One Steel Group’s exclusive standards are approved and sent out to the rolling mill for processing.
It is to be noted that these billets are produced using a fully automated, state-of-the-art casting machine that makes sure each billet is of the equal composition and free of defects. This advanced manufacturing procedure also guarantees optimum production yield with minimal wastage. What’s more, A-One Steel Group utilizes a high-grade sponge to manufacture its billets in order to retain top-notch product quality.

Right from the start of the manufacturing process, A-One Steel Group endeavors to uphold a superior level of quality. The crew at the steel group is driven by the motto that the finished product can only be as good as the raw materials, one of the reasons why they prefer using high-grade iron ore and coal for production. Furthermore, the company heavily invests in sophisticated appliances and lays great emphasis on its implementation to make sure every process is carried out with precision to create supreme quality products.

Significantly enough, A-One Steel Group produces its sponge iron with the help of first-rate coal imported from South Africa. That’s not all; it also sources the quality iron ores from Kumba Iron Ore, South Africa as well as from Karnataka that includes high iron content and fewer impurities. Last but not the least, A-One Steel Group boasts of an incredible production capacity of 100 TPD (Tons Per Day) of sponge iron.