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As a notable steel industry in India, A-one gold steel believes it to be their responsibility to enhance and upgrade the quality of construction in the country.

MS Billets

Adhering to international standard quality, high-quality MS billets are provided. They are not only resistant to corrosion, but also have an excellent surface finish

MS Structural Steel

With the latest technologies at work, our company by providing a standard range of structural steel products has earned the trust of our customers

TMT Bars

A-One Group is one of the trusted TMT steel manufacturers in India. They provide steel which is best in terms of flexibility, durability, and strength

Industrial Pipes

The highly durable industrial pipes manufactured here are infused with high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion


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MS Billets

Conforming to international quality standards, the best quality mild steel billets are manufactured by A-one gold steel

We take pride in delivering mild steel billets which besides being resistant to corrosion, also have an excellent surface finish. Modern casting machinery and latest technologies are utilized for the production of these billets. In addition to these, A-one steel billets are characterized by remarkable dimensional tolerance and are devoid of internal defects like pinholes.


By using updated technology, A-one gold TMT bars are being manufactured. Produced under the firmest quality circumstances, A-one gold TMT bars are the result of continuous research and innovation. They are tough, flexible, and durable.

Best suited for all sorts of construction, building and infrastructure applications, A-one gold TMT bars have the right proportions of durability and tensile strength. Finished with precision, standard stability, and corrosion resistance, our TMT bar is sure to meet every need and demand of yours. Following are the characteristics of A-one gold TMT bars:
· Earthquake resistant
· Ductile and malleable
· Fire-resistant.
· Standard strength and quality
· Thermal resistance

MS Structural Steel

Mild steel structural steel which is needed in almost every constructional work is an alloy of carbon, iron, and manganese.

The toughness and malleability of mild structural steel manufactured by A-one gold steel is high. It has flexibility, weld-ability because of the various shapes in which they are manufactured and their right balance of chemical proportions. A-one gold steel produces Various shapes of structural steel: beam, channels, Angle, flats, etc. Used mainly for building steel structures, structural steel is also used for fabricating them.

Industrial Pipes

Industrial pipes are used for construction purposes in industries to transport liquids and gases. A-one gold steel manufactures industrial pipes in the form of erw black steel pipes and tubes.

Depending on their usage and requirements, these pipes differ in their thickness and diameter. For manufacturing erw pipes and tubes, A-one gold steel uses steel of superior quality, which has a low carbon content. The steel utilized is also fine-grained, control rolled, and continually cast. We are incredibly proud to deliver our customers the best quality erw steel pipes and tubes having the following characteristics:
· Highly durable and malleable
· Corrosion-resistant
· Tough

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