How Karnataka Based A-One Steel Group Is Redefining South India’s Steel Landscape

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The last few years have seen the Indian steel sector facing many problems. Despite the hardships, India was the third largest producer of steel in the world for the year 2017. Domestic availability of iron ore and cost-effective labor has propelled the Indian steel sector towards growth.

Being one of the major contributors to the nation’s manufacturing output, the steel industry needs to continue its success. Modern state-of-the-art steel mills have helped the cause as steel plants across the country continue to strive towards modernization and upgradation of the older steel plants and higher energy efficiency levels.

While it is obvious that the steel industry has seen a pan India growth, South India’s contribution to it is notable for various reasons. The history of the steel industry in the region dates back to the pre-independence era when the Mysore Iron Works was established at Bhadravati in 1923. Established under the careful supervision of Sir M. Visvesvaraya this was the first public sector steel plant in the state. It was the first public sector steel plant in the country too. Fueled by it, the iron and steel industry has come a long way in Karnataka. There had been ups and downs along the way, but the industry has continued to flourish in the state. Today Karnataka annually produces more than 15 million tonnes of steel. There are many reasons behind the growth of the steel industry in Karnataka.

• Karnataka has vast resources of iron ore, which is one of the most essential raw materials needed for the steel industry.
• There are four different types of iron ore resources in Karnataka. They are magnetite, titaniferous magnetite, hematite, and limonite, and goethite.
• Iron ore reserves found in the state are of top-notch quality. High-grade hematite and magnetite are easily found in the state. Karnataka boasts of importing high-grade iron ore to Japanese and South Korean steel majors.
• Karnataka has 24 mines of iron ore under the private sector, which is 2 more mining leases than the public sector.
• Karnataka is also rich in other mineral deposits needed for the steel industry. These include minerals like silica, manganese, limestone, etc. They are easily available for commercial use.
• Rapid industrialization in Karnataka is leading to the creation of buildings, industrial plants, rail tracts, bridges, etc. All of these are increasing the demand for steel in the state.
• There are many steel plants contributing to the industry’s growth in Karnataka.
• Two of the thirteen major steel plants in India are found in Karnataka.
• Availability of labor is a criterion for any industry. Karnataka has available human resource required for working in the steel plants.
• Good infrastructure and communication facilities are helping the growth of the steel industry in the state.
• Karnataka has an extensive market for steel in the state. Constant implementation of various industrial projects is adding to the demand steel in the state.

So, amidst all these, it’s worth talking about a decade old start-up that is redefining the face of the steel industry in South India. Yes, it’s none other A-One Steel Group. One can always argue that the vast resources of ores available at Karnataka make it possible for A-One Steel Group to stay relevant in the steel industry. But what one easily overlooks is the fact that easy resources also mean a tougher competition in the state itself, leave alone the whole of South India or India. And it’s no secret that Karnataka has many steel groups that date way back than A-One Group. This is the part where A-One Group’s rise is remarkable.

Symptoms of greatness are shown at early stages. The same goes for A-One Steel Group. When A-One started in 2008, they had a clear vision. A vision that aimed at challenging the hierarchy that existed in the steel industry in Karnataka. Far bigger companies were functioning in the state. At a time when competition was high, A-One Steel Group initiated business with a customer-centric approach. For A-One Steel Group, nothing mattered more than the convenience of their esteemed customers. As business grew to flourish, relationships were made. These were the relationships that propelled A-One Steel Group to the top. Everyone knows that nothing works better than mouth-to-mouth marketing. People using A-One products started providing positive reviews of the company. Business continued to grow as more people started looking towards A-One for solutions to their steel problems. With time, government regulations made it increasingly harder for companies to obtain sufficient amount of ores that goes into the production of steel products. In a time, when companies started mingling with their products, A-One Group continued producing products that met the certification mark for industrial products in India. From thereon, it’s been a much easier road for A-One Group. The top name in the steel industry in South India, A-One Group continuously invests in innovation. With time, they will only grow and dominate the world market as well.