A-one gold steel promises to participate and contribute to the development of new India- Rashtra Nirman Mein Samarpit. Our motto is not only to flourish but also to expand and dominate the steel market. Continuous upgradations, an uncompromising attitude towards quality, and merchandising brilliance are the characteristics for which A-one gold steel is best recognized.

After having made remarkable investments in different regions, we are now trying to reach out to customers in every corner of the world. A-one gold steel has impacted the lives of people across time and space, having an employee strength of more than 500,000 employees, which represent the trustworthy and authentic organization that we are. Trust and transparency form the basis of our business.


Who are we?

The sphere of A-one gold steel is devoid of any limitations- it is a world that is continually evolving, dynamic, and challenging, a world that welcomes and accepts continuous improvements, innovations, skills, sustainability, and a better standard of living. From the automobile you drive to your dwelling place; from the flyover, you traverse to the tools that you use in your daily life, we endeavor to manufacture and deliver products of unbeaten quality through our user-friendly, value-added solutions to make your life a better one. Constant enhancement of our services and products doubled with triumph in value-creating inventiveness for our customers has enabled us to serve global steel markets. All this has been possible because of our commitment and dedication to continuous improvements, through which we drive operational caliber in products, processes, and customers.

The founder of this industry, Mr. Krishan Kumar Jalan, established A-one gold steel intending to reach every stratum of society. In 2010, the structural steel was set up at Hindupur, thus expanding its roots. The latest feature of a continuous casting machine was added in 2011 for the production of billets. Since then, we have been a leading producer of billets, thereby increasing the production of structural steel and have emerged as a prime structural steel supplier in India. Another plant, A-one steel and alloys Pvt. Ltd at Gauribidanur was inaugurated in Karnataka. This plant has been manufacturing Ms billets and TMT rolling mill having a capacity of 5000.

A-one gold steel has emerged to be one of the most geographically diversified steel manufacturers in India and abroad. We are one of the very few industries that are entirely integrated- from mining to production to marketing and supplying the final products. We get raw materials from foreign countries as well, which makes us self sufficient in the production of steel. We specialize in the production of four products, namely ms billets, TMT bars, structural steel, and industrial pipes of standard quality. We are delighted with our capability to deliver the most updated steelworks to the people. We owe our success to our inspiring leader, associates, customers, and well-wishers.


To sum up, Rashtra Nirman Mein Samarpit is our prime motto.

We aim to participate in the development of India that aspires us not only to flourish but also to dominate the steel market. We pledge to commit ourselves to gain the trust and value for their products, their customers, their stakeholders, and other associates. We strive hard to reach every stratum of Indian society.

Cost-effective, non-polluting, lightweight vehicles are the future. Our thought leaders have been working on converting this vision into reality. Backed up by highly experienced and skilled expertise, we deliver products and services that are sure to meet the expectations of the people.

It’s not just about meeting the expectations of the people but accelerating the steel manufacturing process to be ranked among the top 100 steel companies in India.


A-one gold steel as has already been said desires to contribute to the happiness of the people by providing them with standard quality to life, marking their progress. We work guided by the following principles:


We are committed to serving people of our country. Our products create an impact on lives, community and environment.


We makes products anticipating changes which might arise in the future and seize opportunities


To enhance the standard of living, we deliver high-quality products to our customers, catering to their business


Meet Our Leaders

The growth and development of A-one gold steel have been accelerated by an insightful, foresighted and dynamic directorship that believes in manufacturing products for the length and breadth of the country and aims to reach to everyone from the layman to the big corporates. Our leaders consider fostering a brand that people can trust and proudly relate to.
Mr. Krishan Kumar Jalan
Chairman, A-One Gold Steel

Leading the charge from the front is Mr. Krishan Kumar Jalan. With 40+ years experience in entrepreneurial initiatives and businesses—including 10 years experience in the steel industry—Mr. Krishna is the Chairperson of A-One Gold Steel. He brings to the table values that have enabled A-One Group to reach the heights that it has reached today.

Mr. Sunil (Jullian) Kumar Jalan
Director, A-One Gold Steel

Sharing Mr. Krishna’s optimism and values is Mr. Sunil Kumar Jalan. Known to family and friends as Jullian, Mr. Sunil, as the Director of the A-One Gold Steel, lends his expertise to each and every major business aspect of the group — from technology, human resource, and operations, to sales strategies, and finance and accounts objectives.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jalan
Director (Technical), A-One Gold Steel

Joining the helm of leadership at A-One Gold Steel is Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jalan. As the Director-Technical of the A-One Gold Steel, he manages the technical operations of the group and looks after the Purchase, Production, and Innovations side of the business. Driven by a strong sense of work ethics, Mr. Sandeep believes in leading by example.


The management and supervision of the individual departments have also fueled the growth of this industry. We have experienced and skilled technical staff in charge of the administration of the A-one gold steel. Worth mentioning are Mr. Umashankar Goenka (Vice- President), Mr. Pankaj Gidra (CFO), Mr. Rajkumar Bansal (General Manager) and Mr. Sunil Pal (Chief Technical Officer).

Mr. Umashankar Goenka
Vice- President
Mr. Pankaj Gidra
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Rajkumar Bansal
General Manager
Mr. Sunil Pal
Chief Technical office


A-one gold steel is supported by an ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system. This indicates that the steel company is one of the leading steel manufacturers in India and will conform to standard quality and ethos, which are essential in every business aspect.

A-one gold steel is dedicated to delivering steel products of high quality that ensures reliability is what the product certifications state. Also, we have officially been recognized as possessing specific qualifications by prestigious awards that have further enhanced our determination towards maintaining the remarkable quality of our products and adherence to the delivery of A-grade products.

A-one gold steel commits itself to serve the people of the world and satisfying them with its superior quality products.