A-One Steel Group: On a journey to claim the Quality TMT Manufacturer Award!

A-One Steel Group: On a journey to claim the Best TMT Manufacturer Award!

A-One Steel Group, the leading steel manufacturer in South India, has been in the business for more than a decade. It holds the reputation of building the first integrated steel plant with online charging technology in Karnataka. The dynamic, focused, and influential leadership has been the driving force behind the company’s success. 


At every awards ceremony, the hard work and dedication of the people at A-One Steel Group have paid off. Presently, the group holds a record of receiving the Best Management Award, 2018, from the government of Andhra Pradesh, Best Safety Management Award, 2019, and The Times Business Award, 2019 & 2020. And, each member of the organization, from technical staff to research engineers, everyone has contributed to its success and prosperity.


Being one of the quality companies in the steel manufacturing sector, A-One Steel Group combines information technology, innovation skills, and excellence to produce world-class products. Having mentioned that, the feats do not end here. A-One Gold Steel is also among the quality TMT manufacturers in the country. It is one of the few TMT companies that offer best-in-class products made with cutting-edge technology. TMT team at the firm looks after sourcing the quality raw materials, employing the quality engineers and technicians, incorporating avant-garde tech and this help manufacture the class apart TMT Steel Bar. And then TMT bar with its unparalleled properties like high strength, higher corrosion resistance, is used in the construction industry to make dams, skyscrapers, residential apartments, road and highways, and more.


The group owes its success to the brilliant dealer’s network, traders, partners, investor pool, and end consumers. Each prestigious award and recognition is dedicated to every stakeholder of the firm. With the motto of Rashtra Nirman Mein Samarpit, A-One Steel Group is determined and committed to being an imperative partner in the nation’s progress.


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